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Foundation Crack Repair & Moisture Barriers in Staten Island, New York

The professionals at Crack Pros Waterproofing in Staten Island, New York, specialize in providing a wide range of services that include foundation crack repair, basement waterproofing, and moisture barrier application.
Foundation Crack Repair
When you have water, dampness, seepage, or musty odors in your basement, you may have cracks you are not aware of. Caused by many factors including settling, shrinkage, water pressure, and ground swelling, these cracks can be more than an annoyance, but once repaired, your foundation can be even stronger than it was before. We incorporate EPRO waterproofing systems, which incorporate a very flexible membrane to handle movement and minor cracking. Our epoxy injection technique literally welds cracks in basement floors and walls of poured concrete foundations while strengthening the existing structure. Epoxy welding serves as a durable seal, causing the repaired structure to be stronger than the original concrete.
Crack, Moisture Barrier Application in Staten Island, NY
Crack Fix, Moisture Barrier Application in Staten Island, NY
Moisture Barrier Foundation Spray
Finishing the basement before it is properly waterproofed can trap water vapor, causing molds and odors. Damp basement air can spread these molds and odors throughout the rest of your home. Concrete is naturally porous and therefore inherently vulnerable to leaks and seepage.

Our moisture barrier spray can save you thousands of dollars on home repairs in basement waterproofing, concrete crack repair, mold remediation, and radon mitigation. It is applied to the inside walls and floors to seal water out and to keep dry comfort in. The material seals the pores in the concrete with a skin that protects your basement from all forms of moisture.
Foundation Spraying
Our staff offers high-quality, water-based, asphalt emulsion, polymer-blended, waterproofing, seamless spray-on membranes that are cost-effective for new construction and provide long-term water protection.
Humidex® De-Humidification
We are an authorized dealer and installer of Humidex® products. Their innovative ventilation unit promotes a healthier home environment by improving the air quality and expelling moist air that nurtures mold and creates condensation.
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